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What to Expect at a Meeting

So it's your first Civil Air Patrol meeting.

You probably have some questions. What should you expect? What should I wear the first time? Are there a lot of people per squadron? Will I be the only newbie there? How long is it? Do they talk the whole time?

A lot depends on if you are visiting as a student or adult member.  Students are considered "Cadets" and adults are called "Senior" members. 

First, dress neatly, but not formally. Wear normal clothing like you would to a casual meeting or to school with no extremes. This will be the squadron's first chance to get an impression of you . Make it good without being splashy.  Our members will usually wear one of our CAP uniforms.

You might be the only newbie there but maybe not. Our meetings run abut two and a half hours i  length. Some meetings talk a lot.  Others spend time doing exercises, learning new techniques, and discussing ways to better do our jobs. If a cadet, you will get the opportunity to observe drill and customs. Most meetings start with a formal flag presentation and may have announcements of promotions or other news of interest to all members. You will have the opportunity to learn many things and contribute much if you put your self into it.

Expect to have to prove your prior qualifications, but we will train you in most areas to get you qualified for what needs to be done. You will find your service in CAP one of the most rewarding things you can do if you pitch in with a good attitude. Pilots say "your attitude determines your altitude" and that holds true in all of life. If you want to get up in the world, a good attitude is essential.

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